Terms & Conditions:

  • All properties
    listed on this service are bone fide accommodation providers and all photos and descriptions are deemed to be a true and faithful representation of the property.
    Ocean Road Accommodation will take action to investigate and correct any breaches of this guideline that are reported to bookings@oceanroadaccommodation.com.au
  • Prices
    All published rates include GST (and local taxes) at the current rate, Ocean Road Accommodation does not accept responsibility for errors or omissions by any of the property owners
  • Cancellations, Amendments, Refunds and Non-Arrivals
    Each individual property has its own cancellation / refund policy and this can be accessed from the individual properties Booking Page.
    To view the terms and conditions of the property you are currently booking, please click "Back" on your browser and then click "Terms and Conditions" just below the booking form
    Ocean Road Accommodation does not accept responsibility for losses, perceived or real resulting from cancellation or non arrival
  • Payment
    The On-line booking system accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and BANKCARD with all transactions protected by 128 bit encryption on a secure SSL server. Ocean Road Accommodation ( the host provider of this service ) has gone to lengths to protect the security of your transaction but cannot accept responsibility for fraudulent use of credit cards or for any security breach on the Internet
  • Deposit
    Each individual property sets the deposit required to secure the booking. The individual property can at its discretion either hold the credit card information as a guarantee of the booking or process this amount immediately.
  • Bookings
    Confirmation of a booking by the Client is deemed acceptance of these terms.

For any query please contact bookings@oceanroadaccommodation.com.au